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Smoking Cabin

Smoking Cabin

The smoking cabin is available in various sizes and models  From Compact modelsfor smaller locations to Plaza units for
large designated smoking areas. To meet your specific requirements you can expand the smoking cabin with various options. The cabins can be placed at
strategic locations, optimising the traffic flow within your building. Elegant design
The smoking cabins blend in perfectly with virtually any environment thanks to their stylish and elegant design. The transparent
walls are made of safety glass. It creates pleasant open feeling for smokers, so they do not feel left out.
Efficient and cost-saving Those in need of a quick cigarette break do not need to go outside; instead they
can stay near their workplace. It does not only save time, the costs per smoker
are also lowered. Thanks to its compact design, the smoking cabin hardly takes up
any expensive floor space.

Your benefit

Staff can remain in the vicinity of their workplace during their cigarette break, which promotes a good atmosphere at work
and increases productivity. An innovative appliance, such as the smoking cabin,
benefits a good smoking policy. It  strengthens your company image,
demonstrating that you take all your staff, smokers and non-smokers, seriously. The
smoking cabins of Airnomic have been tested exhaustively and are certified by the
European ECN, German TÜV and BGIA institute on safety and efficiency

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