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Air Purifier For Bacteria and Viruses


All over the world, the insight that clean indoor air is extremely important is growing, it is so important that it can even save lives. Food and water are crucial for life, but the air we breathe aswell: more than 13,000 liters of air flows through our nose, mouth and lungs every day. We spend 90% of our lives in closed spaces.

In every closed space where people spend time, there is an increased risk of infection with, for example, a cold or the flu virus. When a sick person breathes, speaks, coughs or sneezes, thousands of infectious tiny droplets of many shapes and sizes spread through the air. In the ambient air, these droplets come together and form aerosols: a mixture of solid and liquid particles, gases, viruses, bacteria and water vapor that spreads through the air. Depending on the weight and dimensions, these droplets can remain in the ambient air for hours and spread through the building via the air conditioning.

With VisionAir Microbefree you, your colleagues, visitors and residents can breathe a sigh of relief. These devices minimizes forms of pollution from the air. Not one, not two, but three filters have the task of keeping the air, living and working area clean and healthy

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